"Sugar" Album Credits


All songs written, produced and played by Rachel Loy


Mixed by:

 Shani Ghandi -- Tracks 1-4, 6, 8, 9

 Luke DeJaynes -- Tracks 5, 7, 10

Mastered by Daniel Bacigalupi


Additional Musicians:

   Derek Wells -- Guitars on tracks 2, 4, & 7

   Nick Buda -- Drums on track 6

   Nir Z -- Drums on track 7

   Shawn Fichter - Drums on track 10

  1. Easy For Me 
  2. Cry, Cry, Cry
  3. Selfie 
  4. Sugar -
  5. Bleep Bleep Bloop
  6. The Flood 
  7. Rich Girl 
  8. I’d Do It 
  9. Flake 
  10. Tae Kwon Do


Brian Keane, for picking up the slack with the kids so I can do this, for geeking out on my lyrics and making me feel like a genius and for giving me bad news on multiple occasions that the vocals I just spent 12 hours on are STILL not cutting it.  You are the only person who truly understands me and the only partner I could ever be happy with. 

Shani Ghandi and Luke DeJaynes, for giving me your hours and expertise for so little in return 

Derek Wells, for always bringing my songs to the next level.  Here’s to making records until we’re 80.

Shawn Fichter, Nick Buda and Nir Z, for lending me your skills, studios and tones and doing things I’ll never be capable of with my tiny fingers on a keyboard.

Jeff Roach, for your valuable feedback

Andrew Petroff, for your Logic tricks

Melissa Fuller and Kate Bowen, for being the first 2 people (not in my family) to tell me I should make this record